Thursday, August 7, 2008

Up2drive Auto Loan Specialists

Hello my dear friends, I am back yet again with another of my posts and yes my dear mates, I am going to feed you all once again with several information which will make you jump with joy and will help you lead a better and comfortable life . Today, I am going to talk to you about Loans and by loans we actually refer to the money that is borrowed and has to be returned. Suppose a person wants to buy a car sometime. What if they don't have enough money? They certainly won't be able to get what they want, will they? This is where auto loan specialists come into the picture and the best being Up2drive Auto Loan Specialists who can provide you with special loan schemes to assist you to get your favorite bike or car. You can use the auto loan calculator to do your calculations. Why are you waiting for people? Go ahead and make use of this chance!

Poem Again..

Success, failure, I saw it all
To reach the top, I had to fall
I’ve learned what life is all about
Marching on I am, without a doubt

I’ll definitely make it big someday
I’d dedicate it all to you anyway
I ‘hope’ I’ll make it with you then
Forever, you’ll be my Chosen One!

Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law

Well, dear friends..! Its been such a long while since i caught up with you people but anyway let me come straight to the point. Today I am going to furnish you with details on something that you people need to know and which is very essential in today's world and yeah my dear friends I am going to tell you today about the Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law. Well, real estate is one business which is flourishing in today's world big time and no one can ever deny that piece of fact. Some of you might have heard about Richard S. Feinsilver as well and he is quite an important person in this talk because it concerns him as well. He is quite an expert when it comes to the knowledge about real estate and those kind of issues. You people must also get to know about the bankruptcy law in New York so that you will be more well informed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Super poem

Time went on, so did the months
Never heard from you, not even once
Then I, who once was a crippled soul
Learned to walk, without your supportive hold

And then came up that special word
A word so very commonly heard
I can tell you that it rhymes with pope
Yes my friend, its good old ‘hope’

Friday, August 1, 2008

Custom Photo

Welcome back to my blog dear friends, I am going to tell you something colorful today and yeah it is about colors and photos. I just came across the great custom photo product site. If you have pictures and if you want them to be edited and turned into special bed covers or any such thing for that matter, then this is probably the best place. How wonderful if you had Photo Blankets at your home? Its worth it, take my word. So just have fun on the experience.

chosen one part 3

Large or little, I had a dream
Just a mirage, now it may seem
Those tears of mine now sear with pain
As I call out to you, but just in vain

And then you got so starking mad
When, you spoke to this good old lad
But what you had just failed to see
Was, you were facing a broken me

Service Intelligence

My dear friends, today we shall see about something which has been rapidly developing in this fast growing world of ours and yeah my mates, today I am going to tell you about service intelligence. Sounds exciting. They are pioneers when it comes to service and there is no one better than service intelligence for this issue and they give all their customers great satisfaction. They are the new trend setter in this web world and they provide immense quality as well. They are responsible for all evaluations and other awareness campaigns and also for training. This gives us so many benefits as well. So if you are looking for business intelligence, then there is no better place than Service Intelligence. So why waste time? Go check out things for yourself.

another special one

Your exodus hit me like a dart
Your rudeness broke my human heart
And the guy who was so sincere
Felt no longer like a prince here

You chose to mail those priceless things
Back to the one with the broken wings
But still, I hold your one treasure
My love for you, it does measure


Dear old friends, today I am going to talk about something which is capable of refreshing our mind and thought. We work for days and hours and it sometimes becomes quite irritating and at that exact moment of time all we actually need is a vacation. Yes my dear friends, one outing with your family can reverse all fortunes in your life, thats what a vacation is all about. When you go out and spend special time with friends and family, it gives you so many amazing feelings and your mind also gets quite relaxed. Martha's Vineyard vacation rentals actually provide you a good solution if you want to go on a vacation. So, why don't you try it out my dear friends?

chosen1 - 2

Remember those days when we used to walk
Hand in hand, through the dark
I used to wish for endless roads
For, I never wanted to leave your hold

You cried to me and I wiped your tears
Together, we killed all those fears
But then, you thought my work was done
Maybe, I just was not your special one