Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spain 3-0 Russia: Fabregas proves the inspiration

Scoring Summary:

Daniel Guiza(73)
David Silva(82)

Superb Spain stormed into their first final in 24 years by rolling over in-form Russia at Euro 2008 in Vienna.

On another wet night in Austria, Luis Aragones' men attacked throughout and scored second-half goals through Xavi, substitute Daniel Guiza and David Silva to claim their fifth win in as many games and set up a title showdown with Germany on Sunday.

The outcome prevented the Russians, who lost 4-1 to Spain in their opening game, from making their first appearance in the final since the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Spain were on top at the Ernst Happel Stadion in the first half but had no goals to show for their efforts and, after losing the tournament's leading goalscorer David Villa to injury in the 34th minute, their prospects did not look bright.

Arsenal playmaker Cesc Fabregas, who converted the winning spot-kick to beat Italy in a penalty shootout in the quarter-final, came on and excelled just as Guiza did when he replaced Fernando Torres.

Russia coach Guus Hiddink made one change to his starting XI with Vasili Berezutski replacing suspended defender Denis Kolodin.

Spain boss Luis Aragones fielded his strongest line-up with Torres playing alongside Villa.

Spain came flying out of the traps and almost took the lead after just five minutes when Villa fed Torres inside the area but the Liverpool striker's close-range effort was parried away by goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.

Russia meanwhile, struggled to get past the Spanish defence.

With 10 minutes played, Villa's right-footed effort from the edge of the area was saved by Akinfeev.

The Russians weathered the early storm and began to grow in confidence, with Roman Pavlyuchenko hitting a powerful strike that went straight into the hands of Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Andres Iniesta missed a golden chance to put Spain in front in the 26th minute when he was unable to control Xavi's clever pass into the area.

Casillas came to the rescue for Spain on the half-hour mark, diving full length to palm away Pavlyuchenko's curled effort from the edge of the area.

The Spanish were rocked shortly after, when star striker Villa limped off and was replaced by Fabregas.

And the Russians almost took the lead seconds later.

Pavlyuchenko chested down Ivan Saenko's cross inside the box but fired wide, much to the relief of Casillas.

But back came Spain and Ramos got past his marker before firing just wide of the near post.

Torres should have put Spain in front before half-time. Having perfectly controlled Fabregas's pass, the striker could only manage a weak effort that proved an easy save for the keeper.

Spain picked up where they left off after half-time, and their efforts were rewarded five minutes into the second half.

Xavi played in Iniesta down the left, before finishing his team-mate's cross from inside the box with a well-timed run into the box.

Torres almost made it 2-0 shortly after, with his curled angled effort from Fabregas' assist going just high over the bar.

Hiddink reacted to going a goal behind by making a double substitution with Bilyaletdinov and Vladimir Bystrov replacing Igor Semshov and Saenko.

But it was Spain who looked more dangerous.

Torres twice had the opportunity to double Spain's lead thanks to two sensational Ramos passes but the Liverpool striker could not hit the target.

Aragones made Torres pay for those mistakes as he brought on Guiza to replace him.

And the move was an inspired one as Guiza made it 2-0 in the 72nd minute.

Fabregas played in Guiza inside the area who lobbed Russia keeper Igor Akinfeev.

With Russia offering little opposition, Spain continued to surge forward and put the game beyond their rivals' reach with nine minutes remaining.

Fabregas' perfect ball found Silva inside the area, who fired past Akinfeev to start the fiesta for the Spanish fans.

With two minutes left, Russia almost got a consolation goal but Casillas made a stunning save to deny Bilyaletdinov's header from Andrei Arshavin's cross.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Traveller

Well, it took me a whole nights time to compile this one..
Its all about this traveller and the way he looks at his journey.. which is Life..

Go on, O traveller!
How beautiful is this world
Forget thy troubles all
Behold! The beds of flowers enthrall
Heed thee vibrant world's call

The path now bids me:
Somewhere, Someone's waiting for thee!
Why doth my heart impatient be?
Who longeth to meet me?
Perhaps in the narrowing compass
What I'd cherish is coming to pass

Go on, O traveller!
Life's a car, Time's a wheel
There's the river of tears for sure
And a garden of joys too, secure
O brother, all these stare
intently upon thy path

Were I cast my eye upon these paths
Colors stream in my glance
The breeze is cool, the shade cool too
Far, over there, I wonder whose hamlet stands!
Ah! How didst the rain clouds amass?
That my heart was brought to such a pass
What dream have i seen?
That every dream doth true appear,
Kindling fire in my body
If thy heart's path thou traverseth
Thou shallst pick pearl from the oyster every moment
Only if thou couldst always heed thy heart

The heart experienceth such ease
As though the burden upto the shoulder hath dropped off
As though innocence of childhood hath returned
As though at longest last in the holy river hast one had bath

The heart purged as it were Every bond at large
I find the life sactified now
There's love in my living, a song upon the lips
This is verily the triumph of thy life, O Traveller!
Whichever direction thou goest,
Love alone thou squander
You light a million lamps, O Traveller!

Go on, O Traveller!
Who is it that haileth me
The river, hill, lakes and streams, the woods and trees
Who's it that signals from these?

a poem..

well.. this is a poem close to my heart... because my best friend wrote this for me..!

You turned my darkness into light;
You made everything all right.

If I didn't have you, what would I be?
A blessing is what you are to me.

When I needed you the most, you were there;
Even if it seemed like you didn't care.

If I didn't have you, what would I be?
A treasure is what you are to me.

The world is full of many people, it's true;
But there is only one of you.

If I didn't have you, what would I be?
An angel is what you are to me.

Lost and alone, I will no longer be;
Because you are here with me.

You were always there when I needed you
And I hope I was always there for you too

If I didn't have you, what would I be?
The bestessht friend is what you are to me!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sorry at times

Even when people speak the truth, they sometimes tend to feel sorry for some people and i am no different! And what exactly am i feeling sorry about?.. its just the way i approached her in my story.. I heard from her friend that it literally pissed her off.... but pissed off with me? a month or so ago, it would have been virtually impossible for her to get pissed off with me.. but the way things are at present, it isn't exactly a big surprise! But i feel sorry for hurting her though it was she who was bossing me around treating me badly. I have a couple of friends.. really close to my heart, who have been trying to help me all along and they know her quite well too. They felt no different! Its become a common feeling that what she is doing is unacceptable, she isn't exactly treating me the way i deserve to be treated.. Why didn't she even bother to listen to me! She knows me only too well.. she knows that i'd never influence her to change her decisions! If she has to do something, it has to be out of her own will and not someones compulsion.. i've said that to her for months but yet she doesn't want to talk to me?.. Its getting a bit crazy out here.. Unnecessary complications in what should have been handled gently! Her perspective perplexes me! But i want to think about it all.. Y would a girl so dedicated and sincere.. so very loving, change so drastically in such a short period of time that she wouldn't even bother about the one she loved so very deeply! Its all confusing.. resulting in great trauma..!

Maybe she has gone through so much things in life, agonizing things that she doesn't want it to happen to her anymore? Or does she think that what she has done all along is so very wrong that she wants to change totally and forget someone? Or is it just a small realization that i can wait but not her education? Well, i would like to ponder upon all the possible causes..!

Onto the story now...
It was October 07 and her dad had found out about what was happening.. he had trusted her so much in life, got her what ever she had asked for in life, treated her so very nicely and it was definitely a blow for him to know things through someone else and not his own daughter. He is a genuine father wanting the best for his child.. but did he know what she felt about him? He was the world to her, did he even know that? She had great regards for him.. She has rather.. The bond they share is unbreakable but yet, at times, the feeling of betrayal can bring about extreme sorrow in your heart and maybe thats what shook him so much! He had talked to me, explained things to me politely.Not many people in this world deal with such things in such a way.. But he did.. he didn't take things to my parents and I have to be grateful to him for that.. But then a few weeks pass by and he discovers that people haven't kept their promises.. Though maybe he never knew that they were doing their best to keep it up! We knew we were breaking our promise and we did our best to give things a break, but even then.. we loved each other so dearly.. Her mother doubted her.. and that was agonizing for this little girl! Even when we had not been in touch, someone was passing false information and her mum suspected her. When people suspect you.. how can u take it! that too, it being your mother! Thats exactly what happened to her.. She was hit by all that was happening around her! And sometimes she risked things and it got us into further trouble. I don't wanna mention what exactly happened but she took a risk and that created an evidence to her parents that the two of us were still in touch! And we didn't know that her parents knew.. And when I got to know that, I decided to take action.. Well.. what can i really do? I am on the receiving end of things and maybe taking action is just not the right word here. Anyway, i knew that unless her dad believed that we were keeping up our promises, it would be bad for me because he was certain to take things to my parents and i didn't want that to happen because i knew that it would in a great way affect my life and my goals! thats why i decided to admit to him that we had betrayed his trust, we had been in touch. I had to apologize to him and hence i did! And i told him that it wouldn't happen again..! I explained things to ad as well because i owed her an explanation to everything! I had talked to her dad without asking her permission and hence i explained things to her and i told her that we had to concentrate on life and do our best to stay out of touch, but i told her that i loved he so much and that i would get back to her when i had to! She took it in great spirit! I never expected her to! But she was such a sport! She said that what i had told her made great sense and she understood! She told me that she would be there for me no matter what! But she used to message me once in while updating me about things and life and rarely we had a chat when we ended up being online at the same time.. It was going good.. And i was very hopeful.. February arrived and the precious day arrived.. her birthday.. I wasn't even able to wish her directly on her birthday because we didn't wanna risk things but i made sure that she got my card that i made on my own. She was too happy about it! She said that it made her birthday special! And i was really happy.. then things changed.. in just a few days.. around the 17th i guess.. her dad returned to chennai for good, transferred..! and i got a message just a few days later.. she had told her dad all her passwords and stuff.. she didn't wanna give room for suspicions.. she told me that it ain't worth the risk anymore and that we would make it if god willed! It wasn't hard on me, i took things well and i knew that she was being sensible but what happened after that in the past few weeks is what has shaken me so much! She deleted me from her orkut friend's list, ignored me on her yahoo messenger. She started ignoring me! But why! Just a few weeks ago you had given me hope about the future.. and now here you are.. trying to get away from me! What happened!?? Have you suffered so much in life because of this relationship? I know that you can never hate me because i have never been bad to you.. but then what made u make such decisions?? I am not selfish but yea! I Need You! and badly..! thats what love is all about! Its such an intense feeling.. You told me that u lost all hope! Y! Is it because you were so hurt by what you had to go through? Everyone was and have been against it.. So what! y should u lose hope! if u were honest... hardworking.. things will always go right! I don't understand how frustration about the past can make u get over me!

Or what if you have suddenly started to feel that you had been in a wrong relationship with the wrong guy at the wrong age.. As far as i have learned, somethings happen and they don't have a reason.. and i don't think that you would feel that I was just the wrong guy and it was just a bad dream because i only know you too well! But then we have to explore the one last possibility!

This last possibility may be the one with the least possibility because you made it clear to me that you don't want to promise me anything. But anyway.. the last possibility being.. you to have realized that i can wait but not education, Well i would prefer this to be true!.. I would be only too glad if you had told me that your education was your priority along with your parents! You could have told me to wait! I asked you "can u give me an assurance for the future?" But you didn't want to! Did You! That hurt me! Whether you had given me an assurance or not, i would have done my best! I would have proved myself and approached you at some point of life.. but when there isn't any assurance, what if i do everything in life for you, prove myself, make my parents proud and in the end when i make it to you, you aren't there for me.. I can never take it if that happens! And thats why i still hope that you will change back to how you were a month ago! You don't know how hurting it is to see u message so many people.. some of them being the ones who have irritated you so often.. and u don't message me! I deserve more than these people don't i! I deserve it! and i am waiting! Please change your attitude and get back to me! I still will say the same! I don't need anything else from you! All i need is that little assurance which i really deserve because you mean the world to me!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the reason

Well i think i would be doing some justice only if start off with the reason for my blogging..
Its all for this person, who is still so dear to me but who wants to move away from me..! This person is probably the best thing that ever happened to me and i'll never forget that!.. i wont lose any hope either..
In my initial few blogs, i am just planning to let my feelings out in writing, i've been supressing a lotta things over the weeks now. I would like to argue with myself in my blog about my prospects with this person in the future and whether it is even possible about which i am still really hopeful!.. Anyway, thats just about it for my first post, i hope my life becomes better and that the person comes back into my life when i need them!